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I’m a Mum to 2 children, I run 2 businesses and I keep things going at home. I was brought up in South India and spent my teenage years in West Africa. I went to boarding school in India – at the age of 5 🙁 – and aged 11, arrived at my posh Suffolk boarding school with an Indian accent.

On leaving school, I moved to London and was spectactularly unsuccessful at Central London Poly.  I funded myself to back pack around the world for 2 years in my early 20s and on returning to the UK, moved from London to Norwich. I worked at the University of East Anglia (UEA) where I was offered the chance to design my own work based degree. 6 years – a mortgage, marriage and baby – later, I got a First Class Honours.

Parenting Class in Norwich

Photo of Andrea Rippon, by Joanna Millington

I discovered what I wanted to be when I grew up – aged 34 – and started my own business. I have been self-employed since 2007 and in 2010, boosted my income with a part-time job working as a Staff Development Officer (UEA) when my husband was made redundant. In 2013, I returned to being 100% Freelance. One of my businesses focusses on Person Centred People Skills for Parents/Carers, Individuals and Organisations and the other is a successful self-catering holiday cottage in Mundesley.

I became a Parent Governor (Anti Bullying and Equality) at Avenue Junior School and in the 8 years I was there, I learnt that there is more good in education than bad.  I was asked to become a Board Member/Trustee for a Social Enterprise and, for 10 years, I got an insight into just how difficult it is to run an Arts Education business in today’s political climate.

My academic background is in the Person Centred Approach; and I supplement this with qualifications and training in Parent Education, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and Action Learning.  I am a qualified Appreciative Inquiry Coach and am currently training with Mancroft International to present their Winning Edge programme (Mindset for Success).

Parenting Class in Norwich

Photo of Andrea Rippon, by Joanna Millington

I prefer a level-headed and evidence-based approach to parenting and through my work, have been fortunate to learn what this looks like. ‘Knowing’ and ‘doing’ are different though; every day I find instances when I know I could have done better. However, I also have learnt that striving to be better is good; and sometimes ‘good enough’ is good, too.

Practical Parenting Skills starts with your state of mind, the attitude you bring to your parenting. If your values coincide with ours – encouraging personal responsibility and supporting children to realise their own potential – then we can offer you the Practical Parenting Skills that will bring win-win outcomes for your family.

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