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Parenting brings enormous responsibility and requires you to be confident in your abilities.  The complexity of the job means it’s important to keep updating your skills.  This will ensure that you and your children have the best possible experience.  You may want to parent your children differently to the way you were parented.  If this is the case, seeking help and advice on a new approach is essential.

Parenting Class in Norwich

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Children grow up very quickly, in a world that is full of distraction.  Updating your parenting skills is vital, if you want your voice to be heard by them.  Take some time to reflect on the values you want to instil in your children and learn how to influence them, so they can take these values with them in to adulthood.  Get the practical skills you need to guide your children, so they can learn how to balance respect for others and responsibility for themselves.

Parenting classes allow you to meet other parents who might be facing similar challenges/opportunties to you.  It’s a great way to discuss ideas and make informed decisions about your parenting.  It can also be good fun!  Investing in a parenting class can pay huge dividends both in terms of the parent/child AND the parent/parent relationship.

As one of our parents said:

This course is the best present you could ever buy for your children.

Parenting Class in Norwich

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Judgement Free

We work in very small groups (max 6 people), so the environment is friendly and supportive.  There is no such thing as a perfect parent.  Our work with you will be judgment free and we respect the values that you bring to your parenting.  Past parent/carers have said that Parent Effectiveness Training (PET) is life-changing, but there is no magic to it. It’s like learning how to ride a bike, it takes time and practice. We work with parents of verbal children, of all ages.

Benefits of PET in the family home:

  1. You will have a method for troubleshooting family problems and the skills to resolve them. You will learn how to communicate effectively, so that you are heard.  You’ll be able to model communication that encourages your family to work together.
  2. Children will feel free to discuss their problems and concerns with you instead of withdrawing/losing their temper. They will learn to be problem-solvers, gaining in self-discipline, self-regulation and a sense of personal responsibility.
  3. Everyone will participate in solving problems, making decisions and rule-setting, which means everyone will feel motivated to comply.
  4. There will be fewer power struggles, less tension, less resentment and less arguments.   There will be more respect, more tolerance, more love and more fun.
  5. Relationships will be stronger and will sustain your family in years to come.
Parenting Class in Norwich

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Parent Effectiveness Training (PET) can only be delivered by licensed parenting educators.  It is accredited by Gordon Training International and carries a Certificate.  You can use this towards your Continuing Professional Development and it will be a valuable addition to any CV that focusses on working with children or their parents.

Teaching and Learning Methods

  • Tutor led discussion focussing on skills and the principles that underpin these skills.
  • Interactive exercises in pairs/small groups, which will help you to practice these skills.
  • Self-reflection and facilitated large group discussion where you can talk and listen to each other about parenting.
  • Between sessions: completing simple exercises in the Participant Workbook (provided), practice and observation of skills used in the home and further reading of core text (available online).
Parenting Class in Norwich

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Open Programme: £300 (£90 Deposit, £210 Balance).  £450 for two people from the same family, on the same course. (Discount will be applied after booking).  Instalments are available, on request.  Ask your school if you have difficulty paying, there may be funding.

Taster: £35 for the first session, to be taken off the full price of the Open Programme if you decide to progress

Parent Hosted: Would you like to host a PET programme with your friends?   Or perhaps you have a blended family and would like to involve all the caregivers?  There is a minimum number of 4 and a maximum number of 6 people.  The more people, the cheaper it is for you.  I’m happy to do the admin, if you give me the email addresses of people who are coming.  Courses can be run on 8 x mornings or evenings – you choose the days and times that suit you.  The venue will be in Norwich, NR2. Cost: £300pp, plus £15 for workbook/£10 textbook – for 4 people; £240pp, plus £15 for workbook/£10 textbook – for 5 people; £200pp, plus £15 for workbook/£10 textbook – for 6 people.

Parent Coaching: If you can’t commit the time to do the full PET programme, contact me for Parent Coaching.  Coaching gives you an opportunity to identify what you want from your parenting role, where you want to take it and how you might get there. 1:1 or with couples, Parenting Coaching can give you the option to work on your family issues in a fully confidential setting. You can do this in person, if you live locally, or through Skype.


Workbook – £15.  This will be provided to you at the first session, for a cash payment.

Gordon Training International (2006) Dr Thomas Gordon’s Parent Effectiveness Training Participant Workbook Gordon Training International, California

Core Text – £10.  Please purchase your Core Text online, before the course starts.

Gordon, Thomas (2000) Parent Effectiveness Training: The Proven Program for Raising Responsible Children Three Rivers Press, New York


Check here for dates and times of the Open Programme and Taster courses.  Order online and I will send you an invoice.

Parenting Class in Norwich

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Confidentiality and student support

Learning new skills is often preceded by a process of unlearning, which can sometimes feel uncomfortable. To create a group that feels safe and supportive; where you can ask questions and practice new skills, it is essential that we maintain confidentiality. Information that you learn about others will remain within the group boundary: this does not mean that you cannot explore your own issues/reactions, but that you must at all times protect your colleagues’ personal information.

Terms and Conditions

Booking: Your place on the Class/Coaching/Clinic session/s you order will be guaranteed on receipt of your payment, which you will pay by bank transfer after receiving an invoice.  Your deposit will guarantee your place and your balance will register you for the course.   Clinics/Coaching and Taster sessions require full payment, as does any class that is running within 6 weeks of the order date.  If you prefer to pay by instalments, please ensure you pay the deposit, in full, to secure your place.  After this you can email me with your payment plan for the balance amount.   The final payment must be made before, and by, the final day of the course you are on.

Cancellation: Parents/Carers who cancel their place on a class/clinic will get full refund if they inform Andrea Rippon by email (, within 30 days before the class/clinic starts. After this period, no monies will be refunded but a place on an alternative class/clinic will be offered.   If you cancel a coaching session within 24 hrs, you lose that session. If I cancel, then I will give you a refund. If we give each other more notice than 24hrs, we will rearrange another date.

Insurance. Please arrange for your own insurance. Andrea Rippon will not be liable for delays and/or modifications to the programme due to unforeseen circumstances.

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